Turk's Mini Storage-Perry, MI 517-625-6750. 2nd location in Lake Odessa, MI New 3rd location in Williamston for inside storage & Outside RV storage New 4th location in Sheridan, MI, Mini Storage plus outside and inside storage of RV's in new building 40'x80x18' w/14" high doors
Turk's Mini Storage-Perry, MI 517-625-6750. 2nd location in Lake Odessa, MINew 3rd location in Williamston for inside storage & Outside RV storage  New 4th location in Sheridan, MI,  Mini Storage plus outside and inside storage of RV's  in new building 40'x80x18' w/14" high doors   

What to Look For in a Storage Unit

1.  Accessibility

Will you be accessing your unit nights, weekends or on holidays? Do you prefer a unit that you can access 24/7/365?


2.  Security

Aside from a good, strong lock are you looking for a place with fenced perimeter? Video surveillance?


3.  Climate-Control

Climate controlled storage is a great way to protect your belongings from harsh temperatures, humidity and pests.


4.  Cleanliness

Does the facility have a regular cleaning schedule and maintenance for each empty unit?


5.  Convenience

Drive up access (which makes loading and unloading a breeze)?



5 Tips to Maximizing Storage Space


Tip #1 -- Leave a walk way


Tip #2 -- Use boxes and labels


Tip #3 -- Keep cardboard off concrete


Tip #4 -- Use covers


Tip #5 -- Pack tallest to shortest



For more details for each tip visit:




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